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Todays youth are tomorrow’s leaders

The Youth Ministry focuses on empowering our young men and women for the mission they have been given by God. We encourage them to grow in their personal lives and spiritually.

There are youth meeting where they gather and worship the Lord.

The youth are in the forefront of the battle and this is the generation of God’s Generals. The sounds of war, the wail of people in pain, the cry of lands in distress and the atmosphere of vigilance we see are the trumpet call to the end times and yet these are also times when Sounds of Worship, wails of people in Prayer, the cry of lands for Revival and the Atmosphere of Expectancy prevail. At JLMMahanaim Ministries God is in the process of raising up a New Generation sold out for Him to see His glory rest upon their lives and in this land. Rise up and join this Warrior Tribe